'Doc' Smith is the main character from the movie Carnosaur. He is portrayed by Raphael Sbarge. He only appears in one Carnosaur film.

Envolvement with EuniceEdit

He was a security guard at Eunice Corperations, incharge of wathching the bobcats and skidsteers for digging the land away. He soon meets Anne 'Thrush' who dosen't like what they are doing to the land there. She soon is attack by a Deinonyhcus and it kills two of her friends, he soon heads to Eunice and discovers that Dr. Jane Tiptree has gentically recreated dinosaurs, and a virus that impregnates women with raptor eggs, violently killing them.


At the end of the film a group of soldiers come in after Thrush has died and they shoot Doc then both their bodies are burned.

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