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in Carnosaur Dr. Tiptree kept a T-rex in an underground laboratory where lazers prevented it from escaping. however when one of her workers is very upset because his daughter was killed by one of the carnosaurs,Dr. Tiptree fooled him telling him his daughter was alright however once inside the T-rex lab, Tiptree turned off the lazers allowing the huge carnosaur to tear him to pieces. When Doc went to Tiptree's laboratory to get answers once he got the antidote to the virus that makes human females pregnant with dinosaur eggs he escapes Tiptree once again allows her T-rex loose breaks free from the laboratory and eventually makes its way into the desert until it reaches Docs nightwatch trailer. Where he and Thrush get ready to fight the huge dinosaur Doc and Thrush get into BOBCATS "construction vehicles" and gore the T-rex to death

T-rex Carnosaur 2Edit

In Carnosaur 2 the T-rex doesent show until the end of the film when Jesse goes back for injured Jack Reed they they make there way back up to the surface to discover that the carnosaurs killed the rescue team.Then they hear heavy footsteps they find out its a T-rex, they are shocked at the monsters huge size its roar echos throughout the building. Jack and Jesse quickly run up to the surface only to discover the rex is closely behind them. Jesse runs back for the remote which will self distruct the building Jesse must fight the beast on his own with the rescue team leaving any minute they cant afford to waste anytime. Jesse gets into a construction vehicle "referance from the first film" in order to kill the giant carnosaur after a few minutes of fighting the T-rex he makes if fall into a huge basement like area in the building the rex breathing its last breath lets out one last roar of defeat.Jesse runs to the helicopter where he and Jack are rescued they then destroy the mining facility destroying all the carnosaurs with it.


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