Jack Reed
is the main character from Carnosaur 2. He is portrayed by John Savage.

He came to the Nuclear test facilty along with Ben Kahane, Ed Moses, 'Monk' Brody, Sarah Rawlins, Maj. Tom McQuade and Joanne Galloway.

Carnosaur 2Edit

In Carnosaur 2 his crew finds Jesse Turner in shock in the corner of a restraunt. They soon find out that what killed the people there was Velociraptors. Ed Moses, Ben Kahane and Joanne Galloway are killed by the rapors. McQuade tells them about the events of the first film and Jesse tells them about the dyanmite, Monk and Reed head off the find the dynamite. McQuade locks them in the storage room but they escape. McQuade knocks Monk out and goes after Reed. After Monk catches up with them he says "Fuck him, let's go" and a raptor attacks him. Reed shoots it in the head with a flare gun. Rawlings is killed by a raptor, then McQuade and Brody get killed. Jesse and Reed are attacked by the T-Rex and they find the rescue crew, the t-rex kills one of them. Jesse knocks the t-rex down into the basement. They detonate the dynamite an fly away in the helicopter.

Carnosaur 5Edit

There has been a recently announced Carnosaur 5. Jack Reed, Colonel Rance Higgens (Scott Valentine), Captain Connelly (Tim Abell), Sheriff Jim Tanner (Eric Roberts), Captain York (William Langolis) are rumored character to return. It will use stock footage from Carnosaur 3: Primal Species and Raptor (2001 film).