Raptor Island
is a Sci Fi original movie about an island in the South China Sea. The film debuted on the Sci Fi Channel in 2004. A team of SEALs chases a group of terrorists onto the island after destroying a weapons cache and rescuing a special agent held hostage. While tracking the terrorists, mutated dinosaurs appear and the mission changes into simple survival.

After losing several men to vicious raptors and killing some of the terrorists, the Seals manage to rescue the special agent captured by Azir, the terrorists' leader. The agent, Jamie, and the remaining Seals discover a crash site of a Chinese aircraft. Around the site are broken containers that originally contained nuclear waste, raising the question of why the Chinese government had American nuclear waste. It is deduced that this caused the local animals to mutate to near-perfect dinosaurs. The dinosaurs kill all the terrorists except Azir, who murders a SEAL, stealing his armour and machine gun. After encountering more mutant raptors, the last three SEALs and Jamie find refuge in a cave, which turns out to be the nest of the dinosaurs. In the end, Azir is eaten by a mutated Carnotaurus and the entire island blows up as a result of volcanic activity. The last scene is of three raptors escaping the carnage, swimming after the rescue helicopter.

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