Prehistoric at weapon by isla nublar crew
Scolosaurus cutleri
General information
Name meaning "pointed stake lizard"
Time period Late Cretaceous (76.5 mya)
Location Alberta and Canada, USA
Diet Herbivore
Length N/A (Carnosaur)
6-6.5‭ ‬meters long (Reality)
Weight N/A (Carnosaur)
TBA (Reality)
Media Statistics
Novel canon appearances Carnosaur (1984)
Movie canon appearances

Scolosaurus is a genus of ankylosaurs known from either the lower levels of the Dinosaur Park Formation or upper levels of the Oldman Formation (the location of the type specimen's quarry is uncertain) in the Late Cretaceous (latest middle Campanian stage, about 76.5 Ma ago) of Alberta, Canada. It is the oldest known North American ankylosaurid.

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Like all dinosaurs in the novel, Scolosaurus were the only two herbivores to be created by Lord Darren Penward which has found dinosaur DNA fragments in fossils and has used them as a basis for restructuring the DNA of chickens.

It later destroyed a light tank Scorpion during military invasion to the Penward´s residence, after that, it was killed by the remaining soldiers and armored vehicles.