Sheriff Fowler is the fourth leading charcter in the film Carnosaur. He appears in two of the films Carnosaur and Raptor.

Carnosaur appearanceEdit

He was the fourth of the main characters in Carnosaur, he was the sheriff of the town in this film. He has a wife called Rowena Fowler, and a daughter whose name is told in the film. He investigates the death of Merl, a truck driver who appears in Carnosaur and Raptor. Near the end of the film, he hears a loud roar, and he goes the see what it was, and he ends up shooting a deinonychus in the chest. His last words are: "That worthless piece of Crap."

Raptor appearanceEdit

He was the sixth main character in Raptor, he is a deputy of Sheriff Jim Tanner. He goes looking for a killer called Carl Joseph, who is later arrested after he shoots a deinonychus. His last words are: "That worthless piece of Crap."


He is killed by a deinonychus near the end of Carnosaur and half way through Raptor. The deinonychus takes it's claw and runs it right threw is back. In Carnosaur he blows it's head off with his shotgun. In Raptor he just falls back dead, then the raptor eats at him, then dies from it's wounds.